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Lorna Mountford-      Baritone Saxophone.

Sat in the heart of the band, and radiating the joy she feels playing our music, is Baritone Sax player Lorna Mountford. A lady of many talents, originally a flautist, you’ll see her playing saxophones of all sizes, clarinet, flute and piccolo with Apollo. She discovered Big Band Jazz when her school wind orchestra went on exchange to Germany and she heard the host college Swing Band. At the age of 13 Lorna then knew two things –

1) she wanted to learn the saxophone so she could join in, and

2) those swinging rhythms just demand that you get up and dance. 

The sax followed the flute and the opportunity to learn to dance came later at University. Now she gets to do both at the same time – on stage with Apollo she can talent spot the dancers on the floor in front of the band, and then while the rest of the band goes off for a beer in the interval – you’ll find Lorna dancing with the best of them, leaving barely any time to catch her breath before it’s back on stage for the next set of music. Lorna is also Musical Director of her sax quartet – memorably named Group Sax, mostly playing swing style music from the 30’s forward – and the Tadley based IJO Big Band.

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