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Glyn Howells: Trombone

Glyn’s early origins are a little unclear. He was found, not yet a teen, wandering the streets of the Black Country clutching a trombone, unable to speak clearly and only interested in brass band music. He was taken in by a Methodist Church Organist and his family who house trained him and raised him as one of their own. Soon Glyn was familiar with all the hymns of John Wesley and was introduced to all of the classics of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s as the family gathered around the piano on an evening.

However, Glyn’s dark side surfaced again in his later teens and he started playing with local dance bands and the Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra. At 18 he set out to London to continue his studies at the London College of Music and it was here that he sold his soul to the Devil and embraced Jazz as his one great love. He then joined the National Youth Jazz Orchestra for a period whilst doing a post graduate scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music. During this time Glyn was performing with many orchestras, brass bands, brass ensembles, shows, dance bands, jazz bands and some recordings in and around London leading one fixer to describe him as a musical p....... who would play anything for the right price.

The Devil then sold on Glyn’s soul in a bundle of “sub-prime souls” to a firm of charted accountants and Glyn now spends his days in a windowless office adding up columns of numbers and wondering what might have been…   


Glyn studied Music at the London College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music and has played in many groups both classical and jazz / light music including Chelsea Symphony Orchestra, Henley Symphony Orchestra, Britten Pears Orchestra, Fat Chops big band based in Birmingham, Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra and National Youth Jazz Orchestra. Glyn no longer plays professionally but still plays regularly with The Apollo Big Band and takes other opportunities as they arise.

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