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The Apollo Big Band has recorded 2 CDs.

The Apollo Big Band

At The Grosvenor Studios

This CD was recorded at the Grosvenor Studios, Birmingham in Dec 2013.

Track List

1 Caravan                      2 Hayburner                         3 Diamonds Are Forever

4 Just In Time                5 Big Swing Face                  6 Song For My Father

7 Switch In Time           8 Fascinating Rhythm          9 Jumping At The Woodside


presented by The Apollo Big Band

This CD was produced to record the musical development of The Apollo Big Band and to set a marker for further work.The recording was made on 2nd March 2008 and most tracks presented here are the "first take". On this Album Apollo presents titles made famous by Duke Ellington, Sammy Nestico, Billy Strayhorn and others, as well as having fun with "Muskat Ramble which was made famous by Kid Ory. The title of the album reflects the venue for the recording, The William Penny Theatre at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston.The title also recognises one of the icons of band band music, Count Basie and this CD includes the track Teddy The Toad from one of his greatest albums, "The Atomic Mr Basie".

Track List

1 Take The A Train                      2 The Queen Bee      3 Don't Rain On My Parade

4 Mood Indigo                            5 A Foggy Day         6 Tuxedo Junction

7 Muskrat Ramble                      8 Moondance           9 The Pink Panther

10 Manhattan                            11 C Jam Blues         12 Love For Sale

13 Teddy The Toad                     14 Swingin' The Blues        

CDs are £5 each. Please add £1.50 for postage and packing for 1 or 2 CDs. Place your order via our contact page.

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