Apollo Big Band

Based in Stockcross, Berkshire, UK

The Apollo Big Band
has posted the following videos on YouTube

It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain' Got That Swing  Watch
Voc. Pauline Richings.  Tenor Solo: Richard Balding. Trumpet Solo: Brian Yule

All Of Me  Watch
Voc. Terry Franks.

It Had Better Be Tonight Watch
Voc. Terry Franks 

Samba Del Gringo  Watch
Featuring Adrian Sharon on piano. Tenor Sax solo: Richard Balding.
Trombone solo: Glyn Howells

Somethings Got A Hold Of Me  Watch
Voc. Pauline Richings

What Is This Thing Called Love Watch
Voc. Pauline Richings  Trombone solo: Glyn Howells

Fascinatin' Rhythm  Watch
Voc. Pauline Richings.

These videos were recorded in Stockcross village hall on 15 Oct 2015 8:30pm-10pm.
The videos are "as recorded". There was no opportunity to mix the sound during the recording and there was no "post production" processing of the sound.